Life, as a whole, is filled with challenges and the need to make decisions. While some of these decisions could be taken personally, other decisions may seek the services of professionals. One could equally seek advice from a person he or she deems fit or considers a role model.

Although they may not be professional, Counsellors could be qualified to give advice on the basis of their age, knowledge or experience.

 The need for counsellors is gradually on the increase due to the exceptional and important role they play in bringing people out of their dilemmas,  academic-related problems, family and relationship crisis, career choices etc.

 Another point of consideration is the fact that it is one thing to have a counsellor,  and it’s another thing to see and acknowledge their value. A simple observation –  when secondary school leavers apply for admission, it’s very rare to see an applicant intentionally apply to study counselling related courses. They prefer to study the popular courses like law and mass communication. Most people only end up studying this course because they couldn’t meet the cut-off point.

This should actually not be the case. However, this could be due to the level of value attached to the profession. This mindset has also resulted in many individuals taking wrong decisions as a result of depression or suicide in the worst case.

Another reason individuals don’t seek counsellors is the issue of knowing those with quality services. Therefore, this article will outline as many professional counselling services that are operating in Nigeria.

Who is a counsellor?

A counselor is one that takes the trouble of giving advice and guidance to those that need it. In Nigeria, the umbrella body for counsellors is the Association for  Counselors, Matchmaking, and Psychotherapy of Nigeria.


Counseling services

  1. Deedee’s relationship service

A lot of people out there are struggling with one form of depression or the other. If you fall into the category of depression based on your relationship crisis, you will need to contact this service.

This service is rendered by Detola Adegbohun; from which the company name Deedee originates. The head of this company is a popular Nigerian blogger that has combined blogging with a passionate and commendable desire to see individuals emancipated from their relationship and mental health crisis. This rescue mission commenced when he used his writing skills to create relationship-related content that captivates the readers. He is a very important name in the counselling sector, because he brings to bear his experiences and high level of professionalism in responding to clients.

 In addition to the online service, he also operates a telephone service where clients can call and receive attention. Deedee is fully certified with his certificate in relationship coaching and counselling psychology.

  1. 360 psyche

This is an organization created in July 2019. They have experienced and qualified counselors, psychologists, and therapists poised to groom individuals to enable them to discover themselves and the best they can be. The organization has four tenets which are “educate, connect, discuss, and research”. Their doors are open to all in need of advice including couples, organizations, children, as well as teens. The company is located in Lagos where you can comfortably walk in on the physical appointment day. Other clients that reside outside Lagos could access their online counselling services, where personnel are on the ground to achieve customer satisfaction.

  1. Institute of Counseling Nigeria (ICN)

This is a non-profit organization that renders counselling services to people. They focus on promoting the profession while tutoring and training those interested in it to fulfil their dreams; through the utility of their facilities. The institute is located in Abuja and is the first firm in Africa to offer psychotherapy and clinical counselling services.

  1. Marriage matters services

Marriage matters is a counseling organization, founded by Bose Fawehinmi. They also offer services to couples, parents, singles and family members. The founder is an expert in the profession, having been certified both within and outside the country. She has also been certified and endorsed by CCEF.

 As their name clearly states, marriage matters is known for utilizing solution-based approach to sustain marriages that were almost breaking away. Those with psychological issues are not left out; as they are experts that proffer solutions to emotional disorders, stress or anger or fear and other issues.

  1. Ask Dr Malik

The brain behind this organization is Dr. Malik Haruna; a popular author that has influenced the world through his exceptional books on psychology, personal hygiene, and mental health. He also specializes in reproductive health therapy for women that are faced with sexually related problems. Dr. Malik reaches out to clients through the e-counseling website; as well as through physical contact during appointments.

  1. Beyond the heart therapy

This is an organization founded by Mrs Chiadi Ndu. She is well-schooled within the profession and employs various strategies to ensure she fully reaches out to clients. With her second degree in counseling psychology, she is described as one of the best in the industry based on the reviews by many of her clients.

  1. Seek a counsel

This has been described as being the first e-counselling site. The interface of this site being friendly has made booking online sessions very easy to participate in. The platform is free and open to those who can publicly express their problems and insist on the confidentiality of their report.

  1. Attitude Development International (ADI)

ADI is a registered organization that gives counseling services; as well as provides mentorship and professional training to intending counselors. They have a counselling school that has produced many experts in the industry. It was founded by Timi Oyebode. They also provide a wide range of services that enable customers and clients to seek help and feel relieved from their problems.


The society needs to understand the need for counselors, and also know when to require their services. This will go a long way in saving people from their problems.


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