We all have different things to do every day, which can be hectic and stressful. Learning to use time management skills when dealing with our day-to-day activities is one sure way to achieve our goals.

I would start by breaking down what productivity, as well as women productivity means. According to Oxford Dictionary, productivity is “the state or quality of being productive.” Productivity can further be explained as the fruitfulness of profitable work, mostly in an organization or household, estimated by time and how much effort is used for the task.

Women productivity can be defined as the way women structure their lives to such a degree that they are capable of influencing the world with great positivity. Women are natural multitaskers because they try to do a whole of things at once.

In this article, I will explain how to be productive as a woman with time management. I will state how women can be productive in various places and activities.


Procrastination is the act of hesitating or avoiding carrying out a task or making a decision. Quit letting things slide; if you have something to do, try as much as possible to get the work done. The more you hesitate to work, the more things you will have on your hands. You are literally adding loads of undone tasks to your desk. If you procrastinate a lot, you cannot be productive, so always do things at the right time.


Unlike men who have a 24-hour cycle, women have 28 monthly cycles, which means that men have more stable hormones while women’s hormones and moods change every time. You need to understand the way your body works and how to use it to your advantage in being productive in different areas of your life. There are so many ways to make good use of your period. Forget the stereotype about menstruation that says it only hurts and cannot be used in a good way. Instead of preventing the pain, use it for your purpose to make progress.


A dirty environment will get you distracted from working effectively. If you work from home, always do chores and clean your working space. An untidied workplace leaves you irritated and annoyed, which can reduce your productivity because you are not completely invested in your work.

Those are only a few ways you can be productive as a woman. There are numerous ways through which one can gain more things and fulfil a task, like employing the skill of time management. According to Wikipedia, “Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.”

In another definition, time management is the act of arranging or assembling tasks and various activities to fit into the stipulated time in your schedule.

Here are a few ways to utilize time management skills in your daily activities.


Here, you need to avoid spending more time on less important tasks and put more effort into working on the important ones. For instance, I am a content writer. I get a lot of things to write almost every day. Different articles come with different word counts, every article is important to me, but I always strive to get the work done for the larger articles, as they take more time and research, unlike the ones with the least word counts.


Theme simply has to do with the subject or topic of a story, day, and their likes. So, the theme of the day literally means what your day looks like, the activities for the day, the tasks needed to be done for the day, places you need to be, basically everything your day should look like. Arrange them accordingly and merge your routines with them. Remember to stick with time.


Use the “NO” word to prevent unnecessary work stress. Understand the power of ‘NO’ and take good advantage of it. In cases where you have lots of work to attend to and meetings you have scheduled for the day, and a friend texts you saying he or she wants you to help out with an event out of the blues, you can’t drop everything you are doing to plan a party for the friend.

Time is money. That party is not as important as what you are busy with. If you keep jumping into new requests from people, you will not achieve anything at the end of the day. Remember, your health comes first because, saying yes or accepting every request that comes your way would only leave you stressed and tired. You would lose concentration on many things and might end up not fulfilling so many tasks you rescheduled in replacement of the new unimportant ones.


To recharge and retain lost energy, it is essential to take breaks from chores and work. Rest is important. For example, you always have break periods at school where you are free from class lessons and can have some alone time. It makes you more productive.


Multitasking is a good quality to have when you want to be productive. It is also possible for you to get weak from all the work and efforts you put into those activities, thereby lowering your productivity or creativity. Learn to manage your tasks and not your time, you cannot control the clock, but you can control your tasks to align with your time. Goodluck.


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