We work with private and public secondary schools across Nigeria to provide accurate career guide to their students. Our team of professionals can be invited on a scheduled visit for the number of days (or hours) as determined by the school management or the inviting body.

This is a paid service and it is subject to discussions based on prevalent numerous circumstances, as well as the specific need of each school or its students. Depending on the pre-existing internal arrangements at the school, parents can be asked to pay for the counselling services, or the school can also pay if it has pre-billed parents in the school fees.

We work with both parents and staff members of secondary schools to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student and where their potentials can be better maximized. This is particularly important because only a few individuals are clear about the career paths they would follow in life around that age. Secondly, studies have shown that many secondary school students have a very high tendency of choosing a study path that is absolutely mismatch for their personality. Our goal is to help as many students as possible to get their career path right by bringing professionalism into helping them discover themselves and see clearly how and where they will do well in the future.