Bullying, which is the abuse and mistreatment of someone vulnerable by one stronger, has been a serious problem that parents and teachers find difficult to control.

Bullying has caused many teachers to have sleepless nights. This is because they are worried and are finding any preventive action to control it.

Bullying is rampant in gathering such as schools and working place. A bully can be of any age, irrespective of position and personality. Most parents and guidance are worried about how to overcome bullying because of its negative effect.

However, if you apply these tips below, I can assure you that your student will never complain of bullying again. Reading this article to the end will tell you different ways bullying can be controlled.

  1. Help students understand bullying

Teachers and caring adults should elaborate on the effects of bullying on students and how to stand up to it safely. They should discourage students by telling them that bullying is not acceptable in the school and society at large. The victim of the bully should also seek aid anytime he is being bullied.

  1. Boost the student’s confidence;

Parents and guidance should endeavour to checkmate, monitor their children often, listen to them and render help anytime they need it. They should know the type of friends they keep. This will encourage, nurture, and make them have more self-esteem. This will stimulate their mind and will likely reduce the rate of bullying among students in school.

  1. The need to be humble and kind

The parents and guardians should advise their children on the need to be humble and kind. They should encourage them to be kind to their fellow students as this will help train their minds from getting involved in bullying. Even the bible emphasizes the need for proper training for children – train up a child in the way he should go so that he will never depart from it when he is old. Parents should constantly endeavour to train their children to be humble and kind and know the importance of kindness.

  1. Peer pressure

School administrators should talk more about the strategic ways of staying safe such as being close to responsible adults. They should let the students know that when there are in the midst of responsible students, they can never be bullied.

  1. Unrestricted access

Students should be given unrestricted access to the teachers. This will allow them to report bullying cases to the authority on time. Some schools where the rule restricts constant free access to higher authorities should amend their rule to reduce the rate of bullying in school.

  1. Providing bullying prevention protocols;

Schools must have vivid procedures and rules for the prevention of bullying. School staff ought to put their rules and regulations into practice. Teachers should be trained on the bullying procedures such as recognizing violence, preventing it, reacting to it, stopping it, appropriate punishment for the perpetrators, and rendering help to the victim.

  1. Creating a safe environment

An environment where students feel safe and secure is where they can optimally thrive. A good school ought to have this kind of environment at all times. The United States department of health emphasizes the need for teachers, school administrators, and students to speak up against bullying and stand for those who suffer it. A safe environment doesn’t generate bullying.

  1. Paying attention to signs of bullying

Research shows that many students do not report bullying due to fear and a sense of shame. This is why teachers, school staff, and parents need to pay special attention to their child’s behaviour; if he avoids school activities, suddenly starts getting lower grades, or exhibits unusual changes in behaviour. It could be possible he has become a victim of bullying, and in this case, the child needs to receive the necessary support.

  1. Implementing bullying prevention programs

Prevention programs for elementary and higher schools offer several strategies that help approach the problem of bullying. I did not experience bullying much in secondary school because this program was organized in our primary school countless times for us to have a little knowledge of bullying. So yes, bullying prevention programs reduce bullying.

  1. Focusing on socio-emotional learning

Let the students develop socio-emotional intelligence. Learning to listen, understand others’ feelings, and speak openly about their problems can play a vital role in eradicating bullying. Emotional learning leads to positive behaviour. In other words, it helps the individuals feel good about themselves and their achievements. They will never wish to harass others and always be willing to stand for their friends in danger.

  1. Engage parents in the fight against bullying

Parents have an invaluable role in stopping bullying because the children stay with them often. It is the responsibility of the parent to report any bullying signs to the school. The problem of bullying can be tackled when parents and teachers team up and work together.

  1. Preventing bullying outside school premises

Experiences have shown that students often manifest bullying behaviour outside. Therefore, bullying inside and outside the school premises should be unacceptable. Preventing bullying in school is not enough. The students need to be trained and prepared to behave adequately well when they are not in school. This can be achieved successfully by teaching the importance of respect, tolerance, and appreciation to students.

  1. Set rules

The school management should set distinct rules to guide the students concerning bullying. They should make sure the rule is distinctly obeyed, and the rule should be a scary one that will put fear into those students who bully their fellow students.

  1. Monitoring team

The school management should set up a group monitoring team to check and report defaulters to the highest authority for proper punishment. These will make the idea of bullying among students a past story.


In conclusion, for bullying to be a thing of the past, the parents, school staff, school administrators, religious bodies, security, and human services should rise to their feet and team up to perform their duties. If these are done, I assure you that we will win the war of preventing and eradicating bullying.



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