Are you starting a business for the first time? Or are you thinking of starting up a business? If yes, I will be giving you tips on why business counselling is important and how it can boost your business, resulting in a successful enterprise.

I want you to know that you are not the first to start a business, so having issues like little capital or low profits might happen, but you shouldn’t be discouraged, as this is what almost every small business owner face.

Also, remember that you cannot create a business empire in one day. There are ups and downs that come with starting up a business newly. It is okay to take risks, but you need to be careful with the type of risk you take in your business as it could affect your business positively or, sadly, negatively.

Speaking of risks, this is your first time building a business, or at least your first time doing this type of business, and you might encounter issues where you have to make certain decisions and take different risks. You’re most likely to be confused about what to do, this is where a business counsellor comes in, as they help you with advice and guide you in what to do and what you should avoid.

When you start a business for the first time, it can be exhausting and energy draining, especially when you are finding it difficult to make good decisions or sort things out in a brilliant way. All these factors could leave you stressed and sad, you may think of quitting, but you have to stay strong and seek a professional for your business.

With all this said, I will proceed to explain who a business counsellor is and what their duty is as a business counsellor.

Who is a business counsellor?

A business counsellor is a person whose job is to help you with ways to make the most out of your business or a business idea you have as quickly as possible while making sure that you’re on the right path and track without slacking at any point.

It is important to seek out a professional business counsellor who is quite educated in order to tackle certain issues within your business. There are multiple reasons why business counselling is essential to every business or aspiring owner.

  • Component of business:

There are numerous factors that you need to consider before owning a business, for example, time management skills, where you have to do things at the right time. A counsellor will list out the components that make up a business, then explain how important they are and how you should use them effectively.

  • Most businesses need different methods:

Here, your counsellor will teach you that there are different types of business, so, what works best in the hair business, may not work for a bakery business. The advice given to a hairstylist cannot be given to a baker because they are both unique in their own ways. Factors like the capital and location of the business would be different

  • An indirect manager for your employees:

If you have an employee or employees who are difficult to handle, your business counsellor can help you realise when enough is enough. Truth be told, employees are very important in businesses, but when they are hard to handle and talk to, that is where the problem comes in, which can make you weak. With a business counsellor, your goal of running your business appropriately with ease becomes possible. You may be bothered about finding new employees if you let these ones leave, but you have to realise that your health is important, and so is your peace of mind. Besides, having a bad employee can cause so much damage to your business. You may receive constant complaints from customers or clients, which is totally wrong and could tarnish the reputation you’ve been building. You can refer them to your counsellor or just call it quits and let them go.

  • Business assessment:

A professional business counsellor will help assess the activities of your business and determine if you are on the right path or not. He or she will make observations on your employees, if you have, and then on your profits and loss before discussing with you what they found out, whether you’re making progress or losses. After this stage, your counsellor will guide you on the steps to follow and encourage you to do better.

  • Be open to criticism:

This could be hard for you because no one likes to be criticised or hated for any reason, but when starting a business, you need to know that everyone cannot like you, everyone cannot like what you do or sell, or the service you give. People are different, and so are their tastes in things.

Your counsellor will teach you to overlook criticism from people and use it to your advantage by doing way better than you used to. It’s one thing to be criticised and another for you to let affect your productivity. It’s like saying, “yes, they’re right; I do not know what I’m doing”, and that mindset is wrong. Your counsellor will most likely work well with you when they know you are open to criticism.

  • What risk is worth taking:

Being new to a business can be very tricky as you are faced with numerous decisions to make and risks to take. A business counsellor will help you determine which risk is worth the stress and which one is not. The saying goes, “you’re young, take risks”, which is true, but you need to look out for risks that could endanger your business and reputation. The job of a business counsellor is to analyse the important tasks and how to get them done with little or no consequences.


Make sure you follow your business counsellor’s advice and guidelines for a better business and good profits. Good luck!



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