Counselling can be defined as the guidance and help for different problems relating to psychology, society and the like of them by a professional in the field. There are different reasons why people go for counselling or seek help and advice from professional counsellors. Some reasons why people go for counselling;

1: Abuse

2: Depression

3: Drug/Sex Addiction

4: Business Counseling

5: Choice Of Carrer

The above list is only a few of the numerous reasons why people seek professional counselling. People differ, and so are their problems. You cannot solve everyone’s issues the same way. We are all unique, so what works for Guy A may not work for Guy B.

In this article, I will discuss some free online counselling in Nigeria.

Before I proceed, I would like to break down the basics of this topic, starting with the meaning and principles of counselling. Let’s dive in.


Counselling in Nigeria

In today’s society, especially in Nigeria, people have issues affecting them physically, mentally, business or career-wise, socially and so on.

Therefore, a talk with experts would be highly needed to help ease the mind from its worries. Still, in a case whereby you cannot get professional help because you are either shy to do so or cannot afford the expenses of a counsellor, you might resort to meeting friends, family or clergy members for help.

Like I said earlier, different people come with different problems. There are certain things you cannot tell your parents or friends, basically anyone you know on a personal level, for fear of being judged or misunderstood.

This is where online counselling comes in. The concept of online counselling is to aid and supervise clients or patients, through the means of technology as the main method of communication, by a well-trained professional who specializes in counselling.

People use electronic gadgets a lot, so it is no news that online counselling and therapy have expanded, and those who have access to it are larger in number.

As a result of this sudden progress, the expenses have increased too. I would also like to explain the principles of counselling a counsellor must abide by when dealing with clients.


The Principles Of Counselling

  1. Autonomy

This has to do with the right and freedom of a patient to make decisions on their own without restrictions. There are other factors to consider in this case. For example, a patient who is not mentally stable must not be allowed to take any actions on their own, as this could be dangerous to the patient and those around him.

  1. Justice

This is a tricky one. A counselor should treat patients accordingly. In a case whereby a patient is unable to see, a counsellor cannot give them documents meant for people who can see. Instead, give the client braille. Braille is a code that enables blind people to read and write by touch. It has varieties of symbols that represent the alphabet.

  1. Beneficence

This refers to the ability of the counsellor to help in the betterment of a client. It could be a hindrance or early interference with the patient’s problem. It’s simply about curing or making it less harmful to the client.

  1. Nonmaleficence

This is the idea of not causing harm or damage to a client with your choice of words and actions, intentionally or unintentionally. No matter what a counsellor does, they must always mind whatever decision or steps they take when handling clients, especially sensitive ones.

  1. Fidelity

As its name states, fidelity indicates faithfulness, loyalty, trust and commitment. A client must be able to trust a counsellor. Therefore, a counsellor must take caution not to take advantage of the trust or create a different relationship apart from the therapeutic connection between them. Everything discussed must be kept safe and not used against a client or exposed for others to see. It is not professional and can cause harm in the process.

Other principles of counselling include; the principle of empathy, the principle of acceptance, the principle of non-emotional involvement, the principle of communication, the principle of confidentiality and the principle of non-judgmental attitude. With all these being said, let us discuss some free online counselling services in Nigeria.


Free Online Counselling Services In Nigeria

Unlike developed countries, Nigeria does not have a wide range of counsellors and therapists. People with emotional, physical and psychological problems need people to talk to about their issues, yet there is none.

Professional counsellors are needed because when people cannot communicate with those close to them due to the gravity of the current problem, they prefer to let out those burdens to a total stranger who can give them advice or help prevent the problem from escalating, like a therapist or counsellor.

This is where free online counselling comes in, as very few people have access to physical counselling because of limitations such as distance, timidness, financial issues and fear of being judged.

We are in a computer age. Most people have access to electronic gadgets like cell phones, computers, iPad and other devices used for communication. Society should help create many free online counselling websites for its members when they need a professional to talk to. This would increase the number of stressed patients with access to therapists and counsellors in the country, reducing social vices and other extreme actions.

I will give a few sites and hotline contacts for free counselling.

1: Betterhelp – Therapy

2: Truthshare

3: Nigerian Suicide Prevention Initiative Counseling Centre

You can search for more free online counselling websites and find what works best for you. Always put your mental health first and try to be safe. You are not alone in this. Good luck.




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